Omron NA Handheld

First Omron NA Handheld made by Maschinenbau Forthofer

We are producing a handheld version of the Omron NA HMI.
Program PLC and NA Handheld in just one Software => Sysmac Studio.
Connect them via Ethernet => Easy programming, you dont have to assign a memory area to the variables => call variables directly by name!

ONE Learning, ONE Project
• Program your controller and safety systems
• Simultaneously program the NA Series as device in Sysmac Studio
• Program your whole machine in one project
• Work in a familiar way on all devices
More functions, more flexibility, lightweight version with 2 enabling switches => for left and right-handed operators, emergency button, cable length as desired, etc…..

Sysmac – the family that matches every requirement

As part of the Sysmac automation platform, Omron NA HMI transforms machine data into information, shows information and controls devices based on requirements at FA manufacturing sites.
The NA Series enables faster, more efficient control and monitoring.
With a widescreen displaying 16,770,000 colors, the HMI that is dynamic, intuitive and predictive makes industrial machines more attractive and competitive.

• Proactive operator/ machine relationship
• Design based on real applications and customer requirements
• Future-proof, scalable platform
• Allows quick reaction

The Sysmac Studio is the centerpiece of the Sysmac platform, bringing
together all areas of automation including: logic, motion, vision, safety and
The NA Series can be programmed alongside the other devices in one
integrated project, which speeds up development

Greater Visualization

More than 16 million display colors (24-bit full color)
High-resolution bitmap graphics* and 67 different types of fonts can be used to create intuitive and good-looking
screens. In addition, DXF files are supported to display CAD data. Even if the drawing is enlarged or reduced in size,
it never loses quality

Omron NA Handheld Omron NA Tragbares HMI Gerät